Dionne Farris Asks 'Where Is It Most Comfortable For You?'

Due to the manic eruption from the Beyhive, I prefer to seek shelter from the flitting of buzzing Beyoncé heads and revel in the quiet storm brew that Miss Dionne Farris has recently cooked up. As her work with Russell Gunn indicated that Farris was once again playing genre chameleon, with re-workings of past hits and tinkering with a jazzier sound, she continues to keep things on the straight and mellow as she teams up with Australian guitarist Austin March for a brand new track entitled "Where Is It Most Comfortable For You?" As wordy as the title is, the song itself isn't bogged down as it takes its time blossoming into a potent, yet subtle spread of delicate guitars and meditative vocals. Not only is the song itself an absorbing listen, Farris and March's journey to becoming aural amigos after they met via e-mail is an intriguing backstory and one that will soon lead way to the two teaming up for a full-fledged joint project. So what we're hearing today folks is really the beginning of good things to come. With that in mind, slip into the comfort zone with Dionne Farris as you take in her latest.


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