Chris Turner Helps Us Celebrate 'This Christmas'

Out of all of the Christmas tunes churned out yearly, there is one song that I rarely ever like to hear remade. The boundless amount of warmth and soul emitted in the original recording of Donny Hathaway's 1970 Hot 100 holiday hit "This Christmas" rarely ever plays out well when it is attempted by other artists. But this year finds Chris Turner banning together with the soulmen behind many of Bilal Oliver's strongest moments, Steve Mckie and Corey Bernhard, and offering up the greatest rendition I've heard in years. Rather than mimicking the original version verbatim, Turner and friends dig deep to share an authentic and refreshing take. Chris dropped this holiday treat on his Bandcamp page last night and attached an extra special note. "I was born on Christmas and I always used to crave the gifts galore. Now as a father I just crave the love and joy of togetherness and the season. And what better way to get love, than to give love." We couldn't agree more.


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