TLC & Lil' Mama Chase 'Waterfalls' On The 2013 American Music Awards

After VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, the Internet was ablaze with rave reviews of Lil' Mama's haunting performance as TLC's Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. For a nostalgic rendition of their 1995 hit "Waterfalls," who better to join T-Boz and Chilli at the 2013 American Music Awards than Lil' Mama herself? The performance brought back to life unforgettable moves from the iconic video, waterfall background included, and an updated rendition of the performance with Lil Mama taking on Left Eye's rap. Was it just me or did it look like Lil' Mama practiced her choreography with the background dancers more than TLC? At some points the 24-year-old put a little more energy in her moves than T-Boz and Chilli, and she made sure she brought her A-game when it was her turn to deliver Left Eye's bars. The trio looked good together on stage and managed a performance that was clearly one of the highlights of the evening. Despite the mixed reviews of Lil' Mama's involvement, after almost 20 years after the song was a hit, TLC can still move a crowd and continue to pay homage to their fallen group member. The performance ended with a beautiful image of Left Eye in the background and a standing ovation.

After the bounce

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