Spin A Little Of Solange's 'Cash'

With the release of the Saint Heron compilation, alt-R&B goddess Solange and her Saint Records have themselves a winner. The artists featured were all hand-picked by Solange herself and they each provide different takes on R&B that challenge the current status quo. And of course the compilation wouldn't be complete without an appearance from Solo herself. The younger Ms. Knowles' contribution, "Cash In," strays a bit from the danceable direction that she started in with last year's EP True. Instead, "Cash In" is filled with moody organ, hand claps, drum machine and Solange's floating vocals. And her vocals are ultra-lush as she entices her lover to leave it all behind and revel in the love they share. Produced by Solo herself, the track shows that not only is she coming into her own business-wise with the new label, but that she's growing more and more as an artist as well. But you don't have to take my word for it, you can listen for yourself right now.


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