Sampha 'Happens' To Make Some Very Good Music

If you're ever looking for emotional, heartfelt soul, then it's hard to go wrong with British musician Sampha. And the multi-hyphenate artist has been a roll as of late. First, he collaborated with Drake for "Too Much" and then released his own solo version of the track just last week. Now, he returns again with the track's B-side "Happens." An emotional, piano-driven track, "Happens" is a moving ballad that contemplates the vulnerability we expose ourselves to when pursuing love. The song's uncomplicated piano arrangement is the perfect conduit for the song's lyrics, which are both heartfelt and heart-wrenching at times. It's also worth noting that something about the timbre of Sampha's voice and his the earnestness of the lyrics here put me in the mind of folk and blues singer Tracy Chapman. Even with that comparison, though, it's obvious that Sampha is carving out his own lane. In the track's accompanying video, we find Sampha and his piano in silhouette, much like he is in the clip for "Too Much." And like that video, this approach allows the song's poignancy and emotion to bleed through much more effectively than with a traditional visual narrative. To see this master at work, head after the bounce to watch "Happens" and head to iTunes to buy the single now.

After the bounce

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