Sabi 'Dreams' Of Fleetwood Mac

I'm not sure what to attribute the resurgence of interest in the rock band Fleetwood Mac seemingly all of a sudden -- from Res' Refried Mac EP of covers to a character on American Horror Story: Coven being obsessed with lead singer Stevie Nicks' music and style -- but as a long-time fan of their music, I'm here for it. However, I'm never in the mood for half-baked remakes regardless of the artist. Enter R&B/pop singer Sabi who's taken it upon herself to cover their 1977 "Dreams" for her mixtape 0-60: Love Sounds, which will be released on November 13th. Sabi's version is pleasant enough, she has a pretty voice and she gets a gold star for trying, but ultimately this falls flat and is pretty unremarkable. She doesn't take any risks vocally and neither does producer Ryan McDermott. I don't think that "blah" was what they were going for in the studio, but it's what they ended up with. Maybe this track will sound different in the context of the mixtape, but all I want to do now is listen to the original.


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