Myele Manzanza Reworks Kimbra & The Result Is 'Gold'

Former Electric Wire Hustle drummer Myele Manzanza has unleashed a haunting reworking of "Plain Gold Ring," Kimbra's Nina Simone cover that is featured on her debut album Vows. Manzanza's interpretation also features a sample from pianist Jonathan Crayford's "R1." The result of the union of these two exceptional pieces combined with Manzanza'a skills is a dark piece that is moving and evocative. Myele has managed to create something that is disturbingly beautiful, leaving a lingering feeling of contemplation of that unattainable love. "Plain Gold Ring (Kimbra / Crayford Salute)" is the first offering from a new series of works from Manzanza entitled Manstandards. Have a listen, and grab your free download while it's hot.


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