Morning Soul: They Dog Me Out Then Be Next To Me

  • Chris Brown left rehab after only two weeks to perform court-ordered community service for his assault against Rihanna. [MTV]
  • Mariah Carey apologized to fans after discovering the wrong version of her new single “The Art of Letting Go” was accidentally uploaded to the internet. [HP]
  • Eric Benét will produce and host a new music reality show called Sub Stars, which will select musicians “discovered in the subway systems of major U.S. cities.” [BB]
  • Michael Jackson‘s estate threw Britney Spears, Whitney Houston and George Michael under the bus by claiming their drug use didn’t stop Lloyd’s of London from insuring them and demanded they pay out on the King of Pop’s policy. [TMZ]
  • Chilli denied accusations she slept with L.A. Reid, adding Pebbles once accused T-Boz of the same thing.  Ouch. [MS]

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