Marie Dahlstrom Is 'Everything' & More

Marie Dahlstrom may have named her upcoming EP Gloom, but I'm far from being in a blue funk as the notion that we'll be blessed with new Dahlstrom tuneage in the future does nothing but put a ol' smile across my face. Okay, okay, so her latest number "My Everything" is on the despondent side, as Dahlstrom nurses a heartache by emoting over a jazz minded tapestry of guitar strums and echoing piano that trickle down rain-like. The song as a whole is fitting for the fall and winter months, as it captures the pensive grey mood well, even though Dahlstrom warms up the heart with her usual knock-out vocal performance. Still there is light through the clouds, as we won't have to wait long for Gloom, as it will be available for digital download come November 17th. Now that's something to turn that frown upside down, right?   


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