'Love Is The Answer' For Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc's new Pharrell-produced track "Love Is The Answer" from his recently released EP Wake Me Up now has some mightily impressive visuals that say something about these times and the world we live in. In these days of "Blurred Lines" and other fluff, it's heartwarming that there are songs and videos with a message rather than a procession of scantily clad women intent on appealing to the lowest common denominator. The visuals for "Love Is The Answer" tell the tale of two brothers separated by a marriage breakdown. One heads off to a run-down school low on resources and patience, while the other attends an aspirational, upward looking school. Their paths only cross once again when one of them (no prizes for guessing which) ends up in jail. Interspersed are shots of Aloe Blacc looking like the coolest man alive, while the video ends with a startling statistic about the huge number of school suspensions in California state. All in all a video that satisfies the heart, the mind and the hips -- what more could you ask for?

After the bounce

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