Kerry Washington Has Her ‘Say’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Olivia Po — I mean Kerry Washington took center stage this weekend as the host of long-running sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live. The newly-pregnant Kerry was a pretty game host, often becoming the highlight of whatever sketch she was in (even if they were a bit uncomfortable at times). However, the biggest highlight of the show was her and Jay Pharoah‘s send up of the ridiculous Ylvis tune “The Fox.” Changing it up to “What Does My Girl Say,” Pharoah sings about the different sounds that his family makes before coming to his jealous girl (Washington) who says loving and colorful things like “Who that, who that, who that b*tch?!” and “I got you, got you, got you POW!” While the nagging black girlfriend trope is a bit stale, Washington and Pharoah breathe new (and hilarious) life into it and Kerry’s commitment to the stank attitude is perhaps the best part of the sketch. Looks like Olivia Pope can even solve SNL‘s usual lack of funny. Take a peek at the gut-busting clip just after the bounce.

After the bounce

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