Francis And The Lights Moves 'Like A Dream'

Francis and the Lights is gearing up to release his Like A Dream EP on Monday, November 25th. The set, which features his track "If They Don't Come Tomorrow," promises to continue Francis' brand of bittersweet pop and soul. Before he drops the EP, though, he brings us another taste of what's in store with the video for title track "Like A Dream." The entirety of the nearly three-minute video focuses on Francis rocking a black suit as he dances through a lush green field with the sun at his back. And, save for a low-flying plane that appears near the end of the song, that's the whole concept of the video. However, something about the visual and the song paired together just works. Perhaps it's simply because the song's synth-y instrumentation is so mellow and relaxing (even if the introspective lyrics are slightly melancholy) Or maybe it's the fact that watching Francis do his dance repeatedly lulls the viewer into somewhat of a dreamlike state. Either way, the video is certainly a nice little break if you're having a hectic day.

After the bounce

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