Electric Wire Hustle Are Not Playing By The 'Numbers'

And just like that, my week has been well and truly made. "Numbers and Steel" is the first single lifted from Electric Wire Hustle's hotly anticipated sophomore set Love Can Prevail/Blackwater, and it's everything we have come to expect from them and more. The band's line-up may have gone through some changes -- Myele Manzanza has struck out solo, however drummer Mario Crew and bassist Johnny Lawrence have joined the fold -- but their insanely soulful, hip-hop inflected sound is still intact thanks to the talents of original members Taay Ninh and Mara TK. Described by Mara TK as "...a response to city life; there are references to Capitalism in there, birds of prey, red lines, uprising, digging for change...," the track is built around drum kicks, swirling strings and synths, all topped off by Mara's killer Marvin Gaye-esque vocals. Take a listen to the track as you watch the lyric video and fall in love with EWH all over again. [H/T: OKP]

After the bounce

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