Dig In The Crates With This A Tribe Called Quest 'Midnight Marauders' 20th Anniversary Mixtape

Yesterday we kicked off SoulBounce's Class of 1993 series, and it's a given that A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders will be one of the albums recognized on its twentieth anniversary year. Our look back on Tribe's third album will come a little later in the series, but we're not the only ones reminiscing on the greatness of this hip-hop classic. The good folks at Wax Poetics and Who Sampled commissioned DJ Chris Read to compile a 20th anniversary Midnight Marauders mixtape, and Read dug deep in the crates for this 30-song long blend of tracks from ATCQ's album and the tracks that were sampled to create them. You'll hear classics by Roy Ayers, Bob James, Kool & The Gang, Minnie Riperton and so many more expertly mixed Read who plays just enough of the source material and the ATCQ tunes to get you into a good groove. Press play then prepare to nod your head as you two-step down memory lane. 


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1. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Award Tour' (Instrumental)
2. Chris Read - 'Theme #3′ (Scratchapella)
3. Busy Bee & Rodney Cee - 'MC Battle' (Extract) (Sampled in 'Sucka Nigga')
4. Jack Wilkins - 'Red Clay' (Sampled in 'Sucka Nigga')
5. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Sucka Nigga'
6. Roy Ayers - 'Feel Like Makin' Love' (Sampled in 'Keep It Rollin')
7. A Tribe Called Quest feat Large Professor - 'Keep It Rollin'
8. Bob James - 'Nautlilus' (Loop) (Sampled in 'Clap Your Hands')
9. The Meters - 'Handclapping Song' (Sampled in 'Clap Your Hands')
10. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Clap Your Hands'
11. Lou Donaldson - 'Ode To Billie Joe' (Loop) (Sampled in 'Clap Your Hands')
12. Bola Sete - 'Bettina' (Sampled in '8 Million Stories')
13. A Tribe Called Quest - '8 Million Stories'
14. Biz Markie - 'Nobody Beats The Biz' (Extract) (Sampled in 'The Chase Pt II')
15. Steve Arrington - 'Beddy Biey' (Sampled in 'The Chase Pt II')
16. A Tribe Called Quest - 'The Chase Pt II'
17. Michal Urbaniak Group -' Ekim' (Sampled in 'Steve Biko')
18. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Steve Biko'
19. The Whatnauts - 'Why Can't People Be Colours Too?' (Sampled in 'Oh My God')
20. Kool & The Gang - 'Who's Gonna take The Weight' (Sampled in 'Oh My God')
21. A Tribe Called Quest feat Busta Rhymes - 'Oh My God'
22. Jimmy McGriff - 'Dig On It' (Sampled in 'God Lives Through')
23. The JBs - 'Gimme Some More' (Extract) (Sampled in 'God Lives Through')
24. A Tribe Called Quest - 'God Lives Through'
25. Clyde McPhatter - 'Mixed Up Cup' (Loop) (Sampled in 'Lyrics To Go')
26. Ronnie Foster - 'Mystic Brew' (Sampled in 'Electric Relaxation')
27. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Electric Relaxation'
28. James Brown - 'Just Enough Room For Storage' (Sampled in 'Lyrics To Go')
29. Minnie Riperton - 'Inside My Love' (Sampled in 'Lyrics To Go')
30. A Tribe Called Quest - 'Lyrics To Go'

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