Amber Riley Was The 'Woman' At 'Black Girls Rock!'

Former Glee star and current Dancing With the Stars hotstepper Amber Riley gave an utterly inspired performance of "I Am Woman" at Black Girls Rock!, which aired last night on BET. When I tell you I needed this, its more than just a notion -- I missed church yesterday and got some unsettling news over the weekend. But guess what? Miss Amber and her crystal clear vocals gave Helen Reddy's 1972 classic a youthful, upbeat and soulful spin to the women's anthem. She reminded me that I am strong, I am invincible and that there is wisdom born of pain. Dammit, hearing Amber Riley sing this made me roar at my screen. I got my life watching this and all of the inspiring moments on this year's Black Girls Rock!, now you get yours.

After the bounce

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