We'll 'Wait' A Little Longer For Prince's New Video

Prince sure knows how to tease us. The sexy singer is inching his way back into music by releasing digital singles, and his song "Breakfast Can Wait," released earlier this year, is so good it's getting a music video. Directed by actress/singer/dancer Danielle Curiel, the video features funky male and female dancers seducing each other with their dance moves. Requested by Prince, Curiel serves as the leading lady while Nicole Kirkland, the other half of her group Curly Fryz, and partner Antoine Troupe choreographed the video. In search for the perfect dancers during auditions back in September, the announcement asked for "guys and girls with lots of sex appeal who can groove." It's only a 30-second clip, but from what we can see, there's a lot of grooving going on in this abandoned warehouse. Don't miss Danielle dressed as Prince in the video, you just might mistaken her for the androgynous singer himself. Speaking of Prince look-a-likes, Dave Chappelle in full Purple Rain garb and holding pancakes from that infamous scene from Chappelle's Show as the single's artwork may be the biggest win of all. So can the video wait or do you want another taste?

After the bounce

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