We Get To See 'Everything' From Breach

Breach's "Jack" may have been the track to break him into the mainstream, with its surreal video to boot, but follow up single "Everything You Never Had (We Had It All)" gets my vote as the better of the two, thanks to it's pulsating house beat and a show-stealing vocal from Andreya Triana. We have a little while longer before we can add the track to our collections, but Breach has dropped an official video for the song and it's certainly one that'll hold your attention. Opening with a female dancer in a club, the focus quickly shifts to a bare room with the aforementioned dancer performing a very well choreographed routine. All pretty straightforward so far, but then things get a little interesting as the dancer sheds layers, first of clothing, then skin, bone and muscle, until all we are left with is her "soul."

After the bounce

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