Tamar Braxton Serves Up Some 'Hot Sugar'

While Tamar Braxton shared the birth of her son with the world on last night's episode of Tamar & Vince, she finally debuted her other baby -- the video for her much talked about song "Hot Sugar." The video begins with a Tamartianized version of Instagram called Tamartiangram and instructions to "choose the Tamar you want to share." With nine moving videos to choose from, we're slowly taken through each. Starting with a wet hair look and gold, bedazzled nails, Mrs. Braxton-Herbert appears fresh faced, and as shown throughout the video, she's no doubt snatched. But, those of us waiting for her to "pop it" are kept waiting. There's quite a bit of pony-tail thrashing, crotch patting and heel holding, but popping it? Not so much. The song lends itself to a strong dance video, and I think that's what fans were expecting to see, however it is surprisingly short on dance scenes. As much as we love our #teamtoomuch diva, this "Hot Sugar" visual leaves us a little cold. Although the video may not make it to your list of faves, her album Love & War deserves to.

After the bounce

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