Take A 'Look' At Storm Queen

I usually avoid TV stations that supposedly play music videos. For one, once the adverts and reality TV shows are removed from the equation, there is actually little in terms of actual music to be heard, and those tracks they do play tend to be culled from the UK Top 40, which in itself has little appeal to me. However, over the weekend I caught the tail end of a video that grabbed my attention, and, with a quick flick up and down the channels, I found the video in full. The track in question was Storm Queen's "Look Right Through," which was originally released back in 2012 but has been re-released in its "MK Remix" version. The song is a modern slice of house with a soulful vocal thrown in for good measure and will appeal to those who dig similar acts such as Let The Machines Do The Work. The video follows some rather odd goings on at a hotel, and despite several viewings I still can't decipher, but who needs to when the track goes as hard as this one.

After the bounce

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