Russell Taylor Stands Alone In 'War Of Hearts'

Earlier this year, Russell Taylor dropped his new single "War of Hearts," and it became an instant favorite. Having fought for someone's love and lost the battle before, I could totally relate to his musical tale of a relationship gone wrong. Instead of showing a couple at war -- literally or figuratively -- Taylor takes a simpler approach for the music video as the lone focus of director Kai Morrison's treatment. We see Russell chilling in his crib drowning his sorrows in a bottle of brown liquor as the brokenhearted are wont to do. He finally leaves the darkness of his abode to get some fresh air, and he's seen at a train station, walking across a bridge and ultimately ending up on a beach. He may be singing about a lost love, but he finds comfort in solitude. Being alone may not be so bad after all. 

After the bounce

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