Ride Ginuwine's 'Pony' Into The Sunset With starRo's Remix

I was in sixth grade when I first heard Ginuwine's "Pony." It was too grown for me to understand, but my friend Courtney and I snuck and listened to it anyway, captivated by the gloss of Elgin Lumpkin's baby hair and his crazy dance moves. I was in love. This, then, explains the particular brand of joy I felt when listening to starRo's chill electronic remix of "Pony," which layers Ginuwine's vocals over synths and a sped up drumbeat. It works in no small part because my nostalgia about Ginuwine's "Pony" predisposed me to loving the remix. This is just an addition to the numerous other producers putting their touch on R&B classics from the '90s and the early aughts (i.e. Hudson Mohawke's remix of Jodeci's "Freek'n You). StarRo's electro-vibes does its job of reintroducing "Pony" newer, younger audiences, but for an old-head like me, nothing beats the original.


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