Morning Soul: Can You Lay Your Soul On The Line

  • The copyright infringement lawsuit between Pharrell Williams and got uglier, after Williams declared’s claims they are on the same level professionally are “utter BS.” [TMZ]
  • Rihanna‘s posts on Twitter led to another arrest during her visit to Thailand, as a bar owner was charged with obscenity and operating an illegal venue after RiRi raved about a sex show. [THR
  • How did DMX go from doing naked laps in a hotel hallway to reading Bible verses outside a L.A. restaurant? [AHH]
  • Jamie Foxx hasn’t confirmed his role in the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic, but several sources say the actor will star in the film, which has the blessing of the King family and will be produced by Steven Spielberg. [PAR
  • Jermaine Jackson spoke out against the early release of Dr. Conrad Murray, saying “‘It’s not about the money…you kill Michael Jackson and you’re out in two years, it sucks.” [DM]
  • This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Sandra Bullock felt the need to perform “Rapper’s Delight” during a recent interview. [HP]

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