Francis And The Lights Look To 'Tomorrow'

The last time we heard from Francis and the Lights, he brought the fire with "ETC." We are glad that he is back to bless us with "If They Don't Come Tomorrow." This slightly melancholy track finds Francis channeling a bit of Sting and maybe even Phil Collins as he weaves a tale of a man in wait of forces that'll be upon him in a "tomorrow" that seems both distant and urgent. While it's not exactly clear if the lyrics are meant to be literal or taken as a metaphor for another situation, Francis' somber vocal among the atmospheric synths relates a despair that is betrayed by the chorus' bright piano -- perhaps to symbolize a sort of hope beyond the troubles that may come. Either way, the somewhat vague lyrics make the song relatable to many situations. Despite the heaviness of the song's lyrics, the instrumentation creates a calm before whatever storms might approach. "If They Don't Come Tomorrow" is the prelude to Francis' Like a Dream EP, due out on November 25th. 


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