Fatima's Trying To Get That 'Black Dough'

Our love of singer Fatima is well-documented 'round these SB parts. And what's not to love? Between her hearty vocals and her cream-of-the-crop collabos she's been giving us musical life ever since she caught our attention with her debut EP back in 2010. While the wait for an official full-length album from her has proved long and the ultimate test of patience, we continue to bide our time thanks to top-notch releases like her recent Circle EP, which dropped back in August. While I'm not quite sure when we can expect something in the way of an official album from her, we can count our lucky stars in the meantime now that a new single from the Swedish-born/UK-based singer is on its way. "Black Dough" provides more of what we've come to love from Fatima. Produced by fLako aka Dirg Gerner, the song is the B-Side of her upcoming single "Family/La Neta" due out November 18th. fLako's futuristic, bass-heavy sounds provide the perfect vehicle for Fatima's voice to coast on, thus satiating our thirst for more...for now. We can't promise how much longer we'll be able to hold on for, but "Black Dough" will do just fine for now.


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