Fat Freddy’s Drop Call On Black Grace In ‘Mother Mother’

Can I tell you all a secret? I’m a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan. Yes, secretly I’ve always wished I had rhythm and coordination, and so I will happily spend an hour watching others pirouette, chassé and leap to their — or my — hearts content. Surprisingly, it turns out New Zealand’s Fat Freddy’s Drop and I share a mutual respect and love for dance, especially contemporary dance. They’ve employed the elegant and beautiful dance crew Black Grace to add their unique fusion of pacific and contemporary style dance to the music video for “Mother Mother.” The result is a visually stunning music video where the flowing dance composition is perfectly in sync with the modern, upbeat electronic rhythms of “Mother Mother.” The effect is mind blowing and adds new dimensions to this stand out track from Fat Freddy’s Drop’s latest release, Blackbird. Watch Black Grace add their freshness to “Mother Mother” right here.

After the bounce

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