Def Sound's Latest 'POEMs' Are NSFW

In support of his end of summer soundtrack, this week Def Sound is adding a visual to his // Neon . Summer . //  arsenal. Oddly using the shortest track in the bunch, he has managed to blend artsy vibes and BET Uncut memories in presenting this video for "POEMs . NEVEr . WROTe . DOWn ." With a lovely vixen, flowers, water and a mattress in tow, Def Sound and director Devjop bring together less than 60 seconds worth of artistic euphoria. As always, Def Sound offers a personal note accompanying the clip by saying, "We wanted it to be concise not contrived, something creative and potent in this ADD era that really brings thee music to sight." With that being said, make sure the young eyes aren't around when you view this, and have a look for yourself.

After the bounce

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