Bruno Mars Unleashes His 'Gorilla'

Bruno Mars tore the house down when he performed his sexually charged track "Gorilla" during this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Now, with the song's official release as a single, the Filipino crooner has dropped the visuals for the track. Instead of going with the obvious, however, Bruno decides to go Hollywood (or at least telenovela) as he sets the clip in a seedy fictional strip joint La Jungla. There, he and his band provide the music while the venue's nimble dancers work the pole. Of course, when Mr. Mars isn't on the stage, he's driving the exotic dancers wild and sneaking some off-stage nookie with them in the backseat of his ride. While something like this would typically be par for the course in most music videos, something about the production quality and attention to detail here elevates "Gorilla" above the fray into something far more cinematic -- and appearances by actors Freida Pinto and Luiz Guzman certainly help lend more credibility. If you want to see Mr. Mars and one particular flexible lady get hot and sweaty, pay a visit to La Jungla just after the bounce (just be mindful of the two drink minimum).

After the bounce

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