Bonobo Evokes Us To 'Get Thy Bearings'

While trekking around The North Borders, Bonobo is about to take a breather as he reclines into his latest venture, a thematic project dubbed LateNightTales. The sprawling 21-track set features a surprising array of guest stars that are urged to "delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate 'late night' selection," and the selections have been surprising thus far. Bonobo has contributed "Get Thy Bearings," a cover of Donovan's 1968 single, and he manages to cast his remake in the same damp and chilling nocturnal shadow as the original but warms things up with lush strings and an unnamed singer (who is obviously Szjerdene, one of Bonobo's frequent collaborators), to give it a velvety soul touch. Very satisfying indeed. You can now pre-order LateNightTales and be on the lookout for it when it officially drops November 17th.


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