You're 'Bound 2' Enjoy This Kanye Performance On 'Late Night'

Quick, what do Kanye West, Charlie Wilson, a small choir of young children, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon have in common? Not much, actually, but they did come together last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a surprise performance of Yeezus' most accessible track "Bound 2." While having kids sing the backing vocals for a track that's pretty damn X-rated has my side-eye twitching a bit, I'd be lying if I said the unexpected performance was pretty entertaining to watch. From Uncle Charlie's unnecessary ad-libs to 'Ye's opening Ray J diss ("Brandy little sister lame and you know it now") and the boys having a bit of trouble staying on pitch, so many things that should be wrong turned out oh-so right. Though the announcement of his upcoming Yeezus Tour didn't exactly incite me to break out my wallet, this performance (yes even with 'Ye scowling as usual) might make me reconsider. Check out Yeezy putting it down on Late Night after the bounce.

After the bounce

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