We'll 'Take' What We Can Get From Amel Larrieux's 'Ice Cream Everyday'

I love a tease as much as the next person, but the wait for Amel Larrieux's forthcoming album Ice Cream Everyday is becoming unbearable. Had the album not suffered a push back from an August release to an October release, I'd already be about a good month into all the newness she has to offer. While we still can't get enough of how she floats like a butterfly over the lyrics of "Afraid" Ms. Larrieux was so kind as to let us sample the next flavor on the menu, and this one tastes like commitment. With just a 40-second peek into "I Do Take 1," we hear Amel professing her love for the one she'll spend the rest of her days with. This will easily become a staple song for weddings everywhere. Not that I had any doubts about her soon to be released material, but this is yet another indication of good things to come.


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