The Internet Aim To Make You ‘Feel Good’

We’re about a week out from hearing what exactly Odd Future outfit The Internet have up their sleeves on their sophomore effort Feel Good. To make that week seem even longer, the crew has released the tracklisting for the album. We already knew that the set would include “Partners In Crime Two” and “Dont’cha,” two already certifiable jams that have stoked the fires of anticipation for the project. To make it even more interesting, though, they have features lined up from SoulBounce faves Yuna and Jesse Boykins III. While those collaborations aren’t exactly off the wall (especially since The Internet has worked with SB faves like Quadron in the past), it’ll be interesting to see where exactly those pairings will go. OF affiliate Tay Walker (who makes two appearances on Feel Good) and rapper Mac Miller round out the minimal guest list for the set. While their debut Purple Naked Ladies had some gems, the fact that their talent is evolving and they’ve tapped Chad Hugo to assist on production duties makes me think that their sophomore album will be the one to really make people take notice. So get ready to Feel Good when the set drops on September 24th.

The Internet Feel Good tracklist:

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01. Tellem (Intro)
02. Sunset (feat. Yuna)
03. Dont’cha
04. You Don’t Even Know (feat. Tay Walker)
05. Pupil | The Patience
06. Red Balloon
07. Cloud Of Our Own
08. Runnin’ (feat. Tay Walker)
09. Matt’s Apartment
10. Shadow Dance
11. Wanders Of The Mind (feat. Mac Miller)
12. Partners In Crime Part Two
13. Higher Times (feat. Jesse Boykins III)

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