Jessie J & Brandy Want To ‘Conquer The World’

We all know that Jessie J has an incredible voice, you only need to take a look at her pre-record deal, bedroom-filmed YouTube videos to realize there aren’t many other singers around who possess a set of pipes that can produce a sound like hers. The reason I don’t really check for new Jessie J material has nothing to do with her vocals and more to do with the fact that she has chosen a mainstream pop sound that, while inoffensive, does little for me. What I’ve heard so far from her newly released sophomore set Alive isn’t going to have me rushing out to purchase a copy anytime soon, but I would be lying if “Conquer The World,” a collaboration with fellow elastic-voiced songstress Brandy, didn’t grab my attention. In a live performance of the track at this month’s iTunes Festival the two ladies go toe-to-toe, belting out the uplifting anthem to a rapturous audience. I never really thought of these two collaborating before, but now that it’s happened we can safely say it’s a good look for both of them. 

After the bounce

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