It’s ‘Hard’ To Not Love Salaam Remi & Corinne Bailey Rae

Yesterday we brought you the first single and title track from mega producer Salaam Remi‘s upcoming album ONE: In the Chamber. While that track featured “singer” Akon, our next taste from the album features a singer with a bit more vocal finesse (in other words, she can hold a note without the aid of Auto-Tune). British beauty Corinne Bailey Rae teamed up with Salaam for the woozy ballad “Makin’ It Hard For Me.” Corinne, the undisputed queen of the punch-drunk love song, weaves her magic effortlessly here as Salaam surrounds her with a piano-driven musical tapestry that throws back to music’s past but still keeps enough bump to feel modern. The heady combination of the two musical forces is enough to make you want to fall hopelessly in love. While “One in the Chamber” made me a bit iffy on checking out the full set, this one has me ready to hear what Salaam and Co. will bring when it drops on September 30th.


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