Blacc El & Kriswontwo Spell It Out In 'F.W.P.'

I'm a sucker for a good soulful hip-hop song, and Blacc El and Kriswontwo are giving me everything that I need with their track "F.W.P." Taken from their just released EP Clap, Snap, Rock, "F.W.P." features Danish/South African MC Blacc El spitting over Kriswontwo's production with an assist from singer Jaleesa on the hook and vocals. They are doing it up lovely over there in Copenhagen, Denmark where this trio of talents are based. I liked the song pretty much from the moment I pressed play with the comical intro from Blacc El scrapping lyrics that didn't make the cut, but my affection got deeper when I heard the line "Shorty with the freckles, damn I love freckles." Love for freckles is always appreciated around these parts since my face is full of 'em, and "F.W.P.," which means "Full Wifey Package," is a head-nodding hip-hop jam for the lover in you, too. If you want to own Clap, Snap, Rock on wax then you only have to wait until September 28th to get your hands on the vinyl, but digital copies of the EP may be copped now via iTunes.


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