Arkon Fly Goes 'Through The Fire'

I know what you're thinking. This has got to be a re-fixing of Chaka Khan's hit ballad from 1984 right? Errr...nope. Rather, this is a completely original cut from a duo called Arkon Fly who hail from London and are making music that is geared to set your feet ablaze in dance. Yes, they are yet another twosome making waves in the UK house scene, sounding like an even funkier version of Disclosure (if that is even possible), but one listen to "Through The Fire," a less than three-minute high octane romp that pulsates and grooves like no other with a killer soulful hook, and you'll be feeling like these guys are another grand addition to the bumper crop of house acts that are pretty much ruling 2013. Take it for a spin below and look out for Arkon Fly, who aren't going to be shrouded in mystery any longer as far as this joint is concerned. 


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