Amel Larrieux Gives 'You' Another Taste Of 'Ice Cream Everyday'

Amel Larrieux's Ice Cream Everyday may have been pushed back to an October release, but that doesn't mean she isn't doling out sweet and petite servings of that good stuff. The songbird is providing just enough to keep us salivating in anticipation, until we finally get our hands on the full dessert buffet. Amel has just dropped a sneaky morsel of "You Don't See Me," which will feature on the album. This funked up number will have you seeing sunshine even on a rainy day, despite its sentiments of seemingly feeling overlooked. No doubt the full version of "You Don't See Me" will be on high rotation when Ice Cream Everyday is ready to be served up, much to our delight. [Photo: Lisa H. Brown]


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