1-O.A.K. Has Been Waiting A 'Long Time' For The One

Some men are content with being about that bachelor life, but sometimes they get that urge to settle down when they find "The One." If they have some sense, then they lock The One down early and live happily ever after (or something of that nature). But sometimes they don't realize what they got til after it's gone, and they let The One slip through their fingers. 1-O.A.K. realizes the error of his ways on the song "Long Time" and wants to get that old thing back when he sees The One again. On the track taken from 2012's Special Request, he admits that he never stopped thinking about her and decides to step to her to try his luck. Good thing for him that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and we see their love thang play out on screen in this music video directed by Melinda James that we're premiering right here on SoulBounce. The first 30 seconds of black-and-white film show 1-O.A.K. and his girl having fun, playing around and simply enjoying each other's company as young lovers do. Fast forward to present day, and they reunite with the chemistry still there and picking up where they left off. It's all so romantical. Watching this may have you wanting to make some new memories with an old love.

After the bounce

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