The Foreign Exchange Show Us The Evolution Of 'Him'

It looks like the promo machine for The Foreign Exchange's upcoming Love In Flying Colors is starting to ramp up. After revealing the cover and tracklist and giving us our first tease with "Her" last week, the crew returns with companion teaser "Him." Like "Her," the video shows the evolution of a man (whose arm looks a bit like Phonte's) by giving us a look at who's in the passenger seat of his ride through the years. As The Foreign Exchange tracks provide the soundtrack, we see him go from hanging with the boys to arguing with a rowdy ex to traveling with his work. However, by clip's end, we see that he's settled down and started a family with a beautiful woman and adorable daughter. And, wouldn't you know it, his latest passengers are none other than the "her" and darling baby girl of the initial teaser. While I appreciate the approach the +FE crew is taking in promoting the album and the all-too-brief snippets of new music that appear at the end of each of these teasers, I think I speak for music fans everywhere when I say enough with the teasing! Nicolay and Phonte, come on with the single!

After the bounce

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