Jhené Aiko Takes 'Comfort' In Her Past

Even though she's only 25 years old, singer Jhené Aiko has already experienced a world of hurt. Rather than silently stew on the challenges of her life, she always lays it all on the line, using her music as therapy to heal her wounds. Aiko's refusal to gloss over the nitty gritty details of her life have made her a fan favorite as we wait patiently for her label debut, Souled Out, which is slated for release sometime this year on No I.D.'s Def Jam imprint Artium. Her latest soul-baring number to hit the internet is "Comfort Inn Ending," a freestyle track that she premiered a few months ago and picks up with a second installment. Backed by a sparse yet melancholy track, Jhene runs down the list of wrongs she encountered thanks to a wayward lover, baby mama drama included. Even though she laments her troubled experience, she proves that she can make lemonade out of lemons saying "I thought you were the one, so it was worth it." While it doesn't erase the pain of her past, she proves that she definitely has what it takes to weather the storm. Follow along with parts one and two of Jhené's saga right here.


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