Jade Alston Is Really ‘Missing’ Him

Breakups tend to bring about a range of emotions — heartbreak, embarrassment, disappointment and anger chief among them. In the case of Jade Alston, being blindsided by a breakup phone call became the inspiration behind a song that is starting to buzz around radio stations across the country. Alston’s “Missing You Lately” remix, which features Roscoe Dash, is a bit of a departure from its upbeat predecessor. Producer Tec Beats wanted to bring more of the desperation out of Alston and it works, as her tone matches the grit of the music and she’s seemingly transported back to the breakup and reliving the emotions of those moments. The rapid-fire delivery of Roscoe Dash changes the pace and perspective of the song, not bad for a last-minute addition after a few shots and hearing the song through their shared management. Ms. Alston tells me, “Missing You Lately was inspired by a real breakup I went through a couple years back. I had gotten dumped. It’s about that phone call that just won’t come from the person you’ve been missing. You keep hitting them up and they aren’t hitting you back.” I hope homeboy doesn’t start calling after this song blows up.


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