Cody ChesnuTT Gets His ‘Life’

With so many albums being released throughout the year, it’s no surprise that some very good ones fly under the radar. Cody ChesnuTT‘s excellent 2012 release Landing on a Hundred is one such album. It’s good then to see him continuing to release material from the collection, giving us yet another chance to sing its praises. Although the lyrics alone should, the visual for “I’ve Been Life” will surely capture your attention and your imagination. We see costumed warriors on stilts parading around Cody, literally spitting fire and walking the streets like they own them. Of the song and video, Mr. ChesnuTT told Rolling Stone, “There’s a fresh, creative energy and rising consciousness on the African continent and throughout the diaspora. . .’I’ve Been Life’ is one of the many ways in which I hope to make a healthy contribution to this promising movement.” Amongst a vibrant horn section he sings, “Since my birth I’ve been the greatest.” The way he convincingly and effortlessly pushes the message through his music, he certainly makes you believe that’s true and may even have you poking your chest out and throwing up a fist proclaiming the same. There’s more where that came from; Landing on a Hundred is still a best buy. To get a taste, check out the video a time or two and then show your support by buying the album.

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