Watch Joss Stone’s ‘Love’ Rain Down

Earlier this week, we brought you a behind-the-scenes peek of Joss Stone‘s latest video, “The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind).” And now we have the full video. In it, we see Joss dealing with her heartbreak on a gloomy, rainy day. While this seems to be a rather tame approach, we soon realize that the strength of the rain increases along with the song’s emotional intensity, eventually soaking through Joss’ roof and causing some serious collateral damage. All in all, it’s a nice accompaniment to Joss’ stellar take on The Dells classic. In fact, it even elicited praise from The Dells themselves:

In order to ‘sing’ a song like this, you have to ‘live’ a song like this.
“you brought it home” and we thank you …

If you’ve yet to hear Joss’ cover or to see the emotional video, see exactly what The Dells are talking when you press play.

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