VH1’s ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’ Brings TLC Back To Life

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling. It’s an out-of-body experience that takes all of your senses to an almost inaccessible space. That may be too deep for some of you, but that’s what I experienced while watching the first look at VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. This television movie explores the journey of Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins (played by Drew Sidora), Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas (with KeKe Palmer in the role) and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (brought back to life by Lil’ Mama) otherwise known as the legendary TLC.

The preview starts off with the trio recreating the classic video, “Creep” (complete with satin pajamas) and concert footage reminding viewers why they were the best-selling female R&B group in history. At this point, you are HOOKED and all up in your 1990’s feelings. The resemblance of the actresses to the singers is crazy. It seems that they really did their homework by memorizing their mannerisms and the trio’s own specialized slang. Then there is a flash, and you are transported to the set of the “Waterfalls” video. When I say the acting is spot on, I mean they are accurate all the way to T-Boz’s off-beat Bankhead Bounce. Lastly, we are transported to the futuristic “No Scrubs” video where KeKe Palmer’s convincing Chilli takes center stage.

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The legacy of TLC has definitely been overlooked as of late, so I am glad that we will all have a chance to relive the TLC experience on film and in real life. News broke today that the group itself will be enjoying a second wind with the release of a greatest hits package with four new songs and Lil’ Mama joining the real T-Boz and Chilli on the album and at live performances. That will be interesting to say the least, but nonetheless I will definitely be looking forward to seeing CrazySexyCool when airs on October 21st on VH1 and reliving the memories as TLC makes new ones.

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