Remy Shand Is On The 'Mainline'

Remy Shand is perhaps one of the more interesting comeback stories of 2013 thus far. After going completely M.I.A. for a decade, the talented singer and multi-instrumentalist has returned with a vengeance, giving us everything from an art and fashion blog to video DJ sets and even a clothing line. However, while he is definitely a man of many talents, what we'll always be checking for from him is his music. To that effect, he released two instrumental tracks over the weekend. One of them, "Worms," is an experimental joint that is...interesting, but definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea. But then there's the funky throwback groove of "Mainline." Like a lot of his recent output, the track (which he's offering for $1 via his Bandcamp page) has a '70's vibe that will have you envisioning crowded discos, bell bottoms, afros and feathered hair. In other words, it's a jam. While all these one-off songs, like these instrumentals and amazing songs like "Killing Fields" and "Springtime," are great, I'm now even more anxious to see what a full-length album from Mr. Shand would bring. If you happen to be reading this, Remy, can you make that happen some time soon?


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