Marie Dahlstrom Asks 'What's It Gonna Be'?

Marie Dahlstrom is something special. I know this because anytime I see she's released something new, I get excited. Here it is, I've become a fan of her music without realizing it, but after listening to her latest release, "What's It Gonna Be," I know for sure. She's got it. Just last month she released The Renditions, an EP of covers she's done. Now she not only released a new song, but a video to go with it. (Can mainstream artists PLEASE take notice of what she did there?) The visual sees Marie and her love enjoying everyday activities together, but given the lyrics and pensive looks, there's something brewing under the surface of what appears to be a happy relationship. How will their story end? We can't be sure because their story is one that will be continued. And just like that, we get a promise of new music. Until then, I will be spinning this one repeatedly.

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