Kanye West Blacks Out With 'Black Skinheads'

Little has been done to promote Kanye West's polarizing Yeezus, yet it still managed to debut at the top of the charts based on hype alone. And, with the recent birth of his daughter North (nope, not even going to touch that one), it almost seemed there wouldn't be any subsequent promotion for the project whatsoever. However, the frequent paparazzi attacker has finally released the official visual for single "Black Skinheads" via his website after a leak of the clip (and a not-so-unexpected Yeezy Temper Tantrum™ about it) surfaced online two weeks ago. The clip for the Marilyn Manson-esque song captures a computer animated Yeezy in all his angry outraged glory as he raps among a pitch black backdrop and stark images that are flashed across the screen. There is also supposed to be an interactive element to clip on the the rapper's website (though the only thing I've been able to get the clip to do is pause when I click on it and show me a black, middle finger cursor at the end of the clip). The video is an interesting one, though, and you can check it out after the bounce.

After the bounce

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