Justin Timberlake Teases '20/20' Follow-Up With Some Blurred Lines

Late Wednesday, Justin Timberlake released a teaser to (presumably) the lead single off the follow-up to this spring's hugely successful The 20/20 Experience. After announcing that album with a YouTube video that made Cleopatra's entry into Rome look like a teenager sneaking in after curfew, Timberlake takes a comparatively less self-adulatory approach with this video, deploying a series of cue cards, the last of which is blurred out (we see what you did there, JT) but presumably holds the single's release date (or the words "Robin Thicke Fatty Fat"). Either way, hit play to hear a snippet of "Take Back The Night" and wax nostalgic about a time when Michael Jackson-inspired songs were mostly performed by Michael Jackson.

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