James Tillman Comes From The Heart & Soul With ‘And Then’

I’ve been called an “old soul” so many times that I’ve lost count, and I guess I do fit the term. I mean, I do like antiques, vintage fashions and my idea of a good time is digging through stacks of tattered books and musty records, so yeah, it applies. Yet, I’m not alone, as I have a kindred spirit in newcomer singer-songwriter-guitarist James Tillman, whose sound evokes the “old soul” sentiment to a tee. Bred in DC and now calling NYC home, Tillman’s music is rooted in the harmonizing mechanics of yore a la Earth, Wind & Fire and lyrics that evoke classic romantics of masters like Stevie Wonder. He just lays his heart on the line for his lady on his debut single, “And Then,” and he does it without sloppy begging and weak pick-up lines. Upfront and from the heart he is, all while coasting on a bed of lush Fender Rhodes led soul, that makes him quite the male equivalent of Vivian Green during those “Emotional Rollercoaster” days or a lost member of The Foreign Exchange collective. To learn more about your new favorite old soul, peep after the bounce for a special artist profile ESSENCE magazine did awhile back, as well as give his single “And Then” a spin in prep for James Tillman’s debut EP, Shangri-La, which will soon make an appearance before the summer is up. [H/T: BLS]

After the bounce

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