Jaël Puts A ‘Real’ Nice Spin On This Amel Larrieux Classic

As we patiently — wait, who am I kidding? As we impatiently await our turn to gobble up our share of Amel Larrieux‘s Ice Cream Everyday come August, talented folks like Giovanni Jaël Jano Fatbinan, simply known as Jaël, are digging around in her repertoire and reimagining some of her most popular songs. Jaël has taken on “For Real” from Ms. Larrieux’s 2004 album, Bravebird, and worked some magic. Considering how much play that track gets around my house still, it’s hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since that album was released. Remixes as good as Jaël’s slow-cooked version keep it sounding as good as new. There is no good reason not to get into this, especially when you can grab the download absolutely free.


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