Geno Young Offers A 'Brandy Alexander' With A Different Spin

Being a Dallas native myself, I've known about the talents of Dallas-based singer Geno Young for quite some time and I know that he has his own unique way of making a song his own. However, the talented performer still manages to surprise me every now and again. One such case is his cover of Canadian songstress Feist's "Brandy Alexander" from her 2007 album The Reminder. The original, a slow-paced and heartfelt meditation on love (though not necessarily a "love song"), is one in a long line of Feist's simple and finely crafted tunes. Geno, however, takes the tune and injects it with a bit of jazz and soul and, in effect, turns it into a smooth slow jam. As the keys and bass set up the foundation and the muted trumpet flourishes and depth and color, Geno's warm voice envelops the lyric, making the song as smooth and intoxicating as its namesake. Being the Southern gentleman he is, Geno is picking up the tab on this one and offering it up as a free download. So sit back, press play and enjoy just how smooth and easy this one goes down.


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